Sash for children

Sashes for Childres are available in 3 types
1. Printed on ribbon
2. Printed on fabric
3.Embroidered on fabric

Sashes with printed text can be ordered in two types .

Type 1 is made of satin ribbon 10 cm wide with printed text . This variant is particularly suitable for larger orders . Delivery time depends on the number of pieces . Delivery from 4 working days

Type 2 is made of bridal satin in various widths with printed text . The variant has a more luxurious look than type 1 . This sash  up to 10 pieces has a delivery time of 5 days. From 10 pieces delivery time is 1-3 weeks .

Type 3 is made of bridal satin with embroidered tekst. The delivery time up to 6 pieces is 2 days . A larger number take 1-3 weeks .

The sashes of variant 2 and 3 can be supplied in various widths and in various colors . These sashes can also be transformed into winners sashes by a satin band and / or swarovski belt along the side edges .

Logos only in a limited edition 50 pieces.

Delivery time 3-5 days .